Tacos {Remake}

Beef or Chicken Taco filling in a cast iron skillet surrounded by taco shells and bowls containing toppings for tacos.

This is the second installment in my Remake series.  Growing up my mom would make tacos and she would always using the taco seasoning packet you find in the grocery store.  It was one of my favourite meals.  I remember she would give them to me to take for lunch and used a tortilla to make them rather than a hard taco shell.  It never felt like I had enough of those tacos. When we had tacos at home, we would enjoy them in the hard taco shells.

Tacos are also one of my boys favourite meals. Generally, I like to avoid seasoning packets to control the sodium and so that I know exactly what is in my food. Also, there is a satisfaction that comes from knowing you made the meal from scratch.  Growing up my mom would make so many things from scratch.  If we had something outside and enjoyed it, she would try to make it at home.  I remember she used to make Jamaican beef patties for us. She would also make the best churva (chevda) at home.  Nothing from the store could compare.

Now back to the tacos...I had previously been using a recipe from America's Test Kitchen but it involved many ingredients. I came across this recipe from Recipe Tin Eats and it was much more quick to put together.  Sometimes I use this taco mixture to make nachos and the boys love it!



My Changes
In the picture, I have used ground chicken.  Sometimes I use ground veal and both turn out very good.  I don't bake the tacos with the meat like in the recipe.  I find the bottom of the taco gets soggy. We just assemble them as we eat. We top them with store bought taco sauce, tomatoes, green onions, sour cream and shredded cheese. The meat is also great for making nachos.  Many times I increase the amount of garlic to 3-4 cloves.

Our Thoughts 
This is a much quicker way to make tacos versus the recipe I had been using from America's Test Kitchen. 

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